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Connecting Users

Connects Artists, Venues & Fans. Events and performances are easily discovered. Concert goers are featured on the official live stream by checking into an event.

Livesteam Video

Our video streams are high quality and easily shared. Music performances are streamed from the artist and/or venues mobile phone. Fans stream their experience and are featured live.

Discover Events

Search live events by location, genre or user to find the scene you love. See what's happening right now in any city in America.

Free Music

Download our app for free and enjoy live music events streaming from all over the country. Live content from musicians, venues and fans at the event. Connect for free.

Exclusive Content

Artists and Venues can monetize their content, setting their own price, as well as receiving shared ad revenue for generating traffic.

Fan Rewards

In app point system and badges for all users. Exclusive gifts rewarded to qualifying fans at shows and viewers at home.


We’re building an app that creates new opportunities for bands, venues, and fans. See what they have to say below!

Sports and music are the greatest of american entertainment. An app like this is hitting the market at exactly the right time to gain user traction. The music industry will benefit from it.

Jeremy Levine - Draft Founder, CEO & Investor

This app is dope and looks easy to use.

Justin Bieber - Celebrity Musician

Unlike Facebook, we're able to monetize live video views.

Joe Vela - Drummer, Tweed & Festival Owner

It's crucial for musicians to have more options for making an income! Live performances, merchandise sales and royalties are all we have! This app would is really taking into account solutions for musicians trying to make it.

Travis Soto - Bassist, TV Broken 3rd Eye Open